Okessay.co.uk Website Review

Okessay.co.uk is a website where you can hire writers to do the writing assignment for you.
There are a number of good points and some minor bad points in the website itself.
The website itself is very user-friendly. Every information is already made available in the website. From the price per page or number of words to the types of writing assignment or project (e.g. dissertation, essay home works, etc). One very positive point in okessay.co.uk website is the availability of chat support. This gives the idea that there is always someone who is online and will be able to answer all possible questions that a prospective customer has. Another good point in the website is the pricing category that is clearly presented. It even shows the amount one has to pay for a research paper or write up based on the number of words or number of pages.
This information on price gives a clear idea of how much a customer should prepare to receive a customized write-up.
Two neutral points noticeable in the website is:
Payment information. It doesn’t show or state how customers can pay. A customer can only find out how to pay by clicking in the order now button and filling up the information about the kind or writing assignment the customer wants to receive or pay for. This will eventually go to the payment section. However, it is important also that the acceptable payment method is stated or shown clearly in the website and not after filling up the order form. This is because there are many modes of payments nowadays aside from the usual credit cards, like paying thru paypal. Another negative point in the okessay.co.uk website is its being text-heavy. By just opening the website, one can already see too many words. Too many information which is too tiring to look at. Sometimes the use of hyperlinks is necessary so that only small words or paragraphs or just a summarized statement is seen and if a potential customer would want more information, then clicking the link can be done.

Tokessay Review

There are many other companies offering custom writing assistance. What is seemingly distinctive with okessay is the company’s flexibility on the level or urgency of the client’s writing material. If it is needed 3 hours from now or a month from now, then okessay provides varied pricing on that.