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Have you ever tried to keep track of your child’s grades, but somehow you never managed to? Are you a teacher who needs a program that can do everything that teachers need it to and more? Do you need a program that you can learn how to use in less than 30 minutes?

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Gradekeeper Review

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? If you don’t believe in what is written here, in this article you can always find a gradekeeper review online.

People all around United States and Canada are satissfied with this. They love it because it made their job less complicated and much more pleasant. Parents are satissfied as well, because they can finally relax and take a look at their kids grades from home. With just one click on the button and opening an e-mail.

I have been using this program for 2 years and I am absolutely astonished! It is all I ever needed. Absolutely amazing program, the best I have ever seen. I looked for something similar for years but every other program is just too complicated or expensive, but this one is something else. This is without any doubt the best gradebook program.Gradekeeper is:-reliable-easy to use-functional-efficient-uncluttered

Gradekeeper makes dealing with grades effortless!It makes everything virtual and simple. It is easy to keep track of the grades, it can print reports and send reports od child’s success and progress to the parents e-mail adress. One of the many advantages of this program is that it is easy on your pocketbook as well. License for individual is 20$ and for school it is 100$. School license allows everyone in the school to use it. There is also a licence for the whole district which amounts to 500$. Before you pay for the gatekeeper you are able to download it and try it out for 30 days. That is how you can make sure that this program is exactly what you need!

Download GradekeeperWith your license you will be able to download and install new releases of the Mac OS X or Windows program with no additional payments. You just need to download gradekeeper for Windows or Mac OS X without entering your name and registration code and you are ready to go!Gradekeeper is a program that makes everything less stresfull . This program is, basically a grade keeper, whis means that it keeps your grade organised. It keeps ypur grade in order.

Thousands od schools and hundreds of districts across Unisted States and Canada are satisfied with the gradekeeper. You can find the latest news about it on social meadias such as Facebook or Twitter.
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